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Lukas Marian was born in 1995 in Bern and grew up in a swiss artist family. Fascinated by the dance productions at Theater Basel (CH) under the leadership of Richard Wherlock, Marian made friends with the Basel Ballet Company during his training as an event specialist and began to supervise his own dance projects in terms of lighting and sound. Among other things, Marian has created lighting designs for pieces by young choreographers such as Frank Fannar Pedersen and Jorge Garcia Pérez, which have been shown on various Swiss stages, not least at Theater Basel.


Since the end of 2018, Lukas Marian has been an integral part of the production team of New York choreographer Bryan Arias and Spanish choreographer Alba Castillo as lighting designer, as well as set designer. His lighting methods are characterized by aesthetic finesse, the special use of darkness as a lighting medium, and the dynamic interplay between movement and light. Often astonishingly subtle and precise, his light spaces create an expansive poetic framework.


Lukas Marian's work is performed internationally and has been developed with the following dance companies:


«Ballett Basel» (CH)

«Gibney Company» (USA)

«Ballett Leipzig» (DE)

«Ballett de Genève» (CH)

«Bolshoi Ballett» (RU)

«Philadelphia Ballett» (USA)

«Ballet d l’opéra national du Rhin» (FR)

«Snorkel Rabbit Company» (CH) 

«Ballett Eisenach» (DE)

«Nürnberger Ballett» (DE)

«Ballett Bern» (CH)

«La Veronal» (ESP)

«Company MEK» (CH)

«Beaver Dam Company» (CH)

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